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Way Beyond PDF
By Jill Bauerle

Before you can begin the process of analyzing your case with litigation support tools, you must first transform paper into bits. The same goes for creating a paperless office via your document management system. DATAssimilate's DATAssimilator 4.0 facilitates this first step and exports to a wide variety of tools commonly used by law firms. Talk about a product that lives up to its name — DATAssimilator enables you to scan, code, PDF, OCR, bates stamp, search, print, and much more. Used by litigation support firms, DATAssimilator can process thousand of documents in real-time. Its friendly interface makes it accessible for any law firm that wishes to handle smaller cases internally or create a paperless office. DATAssimilator's scanning component supports virtually all scanners (including duplex), and enables you to scan individually or in batches in black and white, grayscale, or color at any dpi setting. The branding component enables you to add Bates stamps and endorse captions. The PDF component converts to PDF image only or with embedded searchable text thanks to the built-in OCR component. The reporting component tracks all your work, and enables you to assign time or dollar values for each task you've performed. Although you can export the documents you process to other programs, DATAssimilator has its own robust search tools, which support Boolean, pick lists, phrases, wild cards, and sorting. You can even search within searches, and save your searches. The coding component enables you to not just code documents fast, but track who coded what and find documents with incomplete coding. Each component of DATAssimilator sells for $495; the entire suite sells for $2,995. Learn more about DATAssimilator.

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