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The DATAssimilator software is a Godsend for my production department. Without it, I would find it extremely difficult to complete the tasks required and meet the demanding deadlines imposed on my department. Its friendly user interface allows me to train new employees quickly and efficiently. Within 30 minutes of their arrival I can have a new staff member scanning and completing other duties proficiently.

This software has reduced my overhead by hundreds of person-hours and allowed me to redefine what a successful production department can accomplish in a much shorter period of time. Potential errors have been reduced to virtually nil because of the excellent options available to quality control our work. It is a winning combination for both my department and our clients.

Thank you to the DATAssimilator team for such a great software package which makes my department so much more productive and the quality of our work so much more accurate.

M. Townsend, Production Manager, Document Management Department, JLS inc.

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