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Production Scanning Component
Production Coding Component
Production OCR Component
Production Branding Component
Production Printing Component
Production PDF Component
Reporting Component
Search and Sort Component
Security Component
Coding Quality Control Component

Production Scanning Component:
The DATAssimilator scanning component is a robust production imaging tool that provides the user with high speed scanning capabilities and many exceptional productivity features. The extremely friendly user interface enables operators to become proficient with minimal training. The productivity features make the scanning component a premier tool in the industry and a must for any organization that has a document imaging need, whether big or small. read more...

Production Coding Component:
The coding component is a premium tool that allows for incredibly quick document coding with very accurate and consistent coded output. The visual document display combined with the "Grabber", keyboard quick keys and function key shortcuts makes the Coder an unrivaled coding tool. The many validation functions and preset features together with case specific spell-checker provides the coding component with powerful accuracy-enforcing capabilities. read more...

Production OCR Component:
The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) component in the DATAssimilator product is an extremely valuable tool allowing the user to create searchable text (.txt) files from the scanned images. Since the scanned images are just pictures of the paper, the OCR provides the user with the data content extracted from these pictures. This allows the user to conduct word and/or phrase searching of the textual content of scanned images providing a useful source of information otherwise unavailable, unless each page is read individually. read more...

Production Branding Component:
The branding component in DATAssimilator is a very powerful labeling tool for either numbering document images or labeling them with captions, or both. This becomes very important when there is a need to identify Bates number uniqueness or affix a common phrase to an image. read more...

Production Printing Component:
When there is a need to get your documents printed, the printing component available in the DATAssimilator product provides you with production level printing strength, loaded with helpful features to give you a printed job done the way you want. This component not only allows you to sort your documents to be printed in the order you want, but also allows you to insert separator sheets with information printed from your coded data. read more...

Production PDF Component:
Since it has increasingly become a necessity to transmit images across the internet, there has become a greater need to be able to convert documents to PDF format. The DATAssimilator's PDF component is an ideal tool to provide an easy yet powerful tool to accomplish this task. Not only will it convert scanned images to PDF image only format but, with the OCR component, it will also create PDF files with embedded searchable text. read more...

Reporting Component:
The reporting component in the DATAssimilator product tracks each and every action that is performed by all the components DATAssimilator encompasses. As it can also track the users, this valuable information is not only useful for productivity purposes but it can, with ease, generate counts for billing purposes. Since all functionality is contained within one master program, the reporting component easily tracks counts in real time and provides them at any time throughout a project. read more...

Search and Sort Component:
The search and sort component in DATAssimilator adds huge flexibility to the underlying database. This component turns the program into a useful document management product by allowing the users to search and sort the documents into useful collections of information. It also provides the users with the ability to zero in on specific documents from the coded data without tediously reviewing every document. read more...

Security Component:
Security is a must for any software package, especially ones that contain sensitive information. The security component in the DATAssimilator product addresses these issues and provides a comfort level that is expected. The features within the security component control the level of access to databases and documents as well as many features within the DATAssimilator product. read more...

Coding Quality Control Component:
Coding Quality Control Component: No coding software is complete without some form of intelligent quality control filters to provide a reviewer with the ability to quickly determine the status of any given project. The coding quality control component available in DATAssimilator does just that. Not only does it provide a quick view of what's complete and what is not, it breaks it down so that review can be done quickly and accurately. read more...

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