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Scanning Features:
  • Supports high speed as well as low end scanners
  • Supports all scanner dpi requirements
  • Allows user to set scanning preferences
  • Supports duplex scanning
  • Supports grayscale scanning
  • Supports colour scanning
  • Supports batch scanning
  • Supports manual individual document scanning
  • Supports barcode document unitization
  • Supports mark detection attachment range tracking
  • Allows internal slip sheet printing
  • Supports image deskew
  • Supports black border removal
  • Allows image and/or complete document rescans
  • Allows image and/or complete document insertions
  • Allows image and/or complete document deletions
  • Allows for document splitting or joining
  • Provides real time visual image quality control capabilities
  • Allows mark detection indexing (with Production Indexing Component)
  • Supports output to various image formats
  • Imports images and document ranges
  • Exports to most popular litigation and other software packages
  • Exports to a user defined output format
  • Allows quality control of images for quality and size
  • Allows quality control and editing of attachment range conflicts
  • Identifies image rescan requests without interrupting scanning
  • Renumbers documents and images as required

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Corporate Contact
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