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This component also enables use of the "Grabber" feature during coding which is a semi-automated method of coding large amounts of data into a field. The "Grabber" can populate a field with complete paragraphs of information with one simple grab eliminating the need for time consuming keyboarding. The images do not need to be OCR'd for the Grabber to work. The OCR component further allows the PDF component to produce PDF files with embedded text, so that they become searchable if required.

OCR Features:
  • Most popular languages
  • Two languages simultaneously
  • Will retain formatting of original document
  • Uses coded data in database and pick lists to supplement dictionary for greater accuracy
  • Output to ASCII as well as Word, Rich Text, Word Perfect, HTML
  • Ability to OCR only selected documents in addition to entire collection
  • OCR all or only unprocessed documents
  • Link loads for all major litigation and other software packages
  • View OCR’d text pages with spell-check highlighting

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