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Coding Features:
  • Easy Image and document navigation
  • Spell-check enabled
  • Semi-automatic “Grabber” coding (with OCR component)
  • Coding from image viewer
  • Easy image and document navigation
  • Image scroll mouse zoom
  • Customizable form view
  • Customizable data fields
  • Customizable look up lists
  • Ability to save set up as template
  • Data field validation
  • Look up list validation
  • Function key shortcuts
  • Keyboard quick key shortcuts
  • Advanced copy / paste functionality with field specific clipboard
  • Field specific case locking (upper, initial, lower)
  • Problem document tagging with info tablet
  • Split and join documents
  • Ability to search and replace coded data
  • Advanced pick list management complete with global replace capabilities
  • Document coding completion tagging
  • Multiple coding station capable
  • Table viewing of data
  • View data in MS Excel
  • Global coding from mark detection slip sheets
  • Real time operator coding can occur while simultaneously scanning
  • Imports coded external data for document collection

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Corporate Contact
DATAssimilate Systems Inc.

North America

Email or Fax resume to:
Fax: 705-737-2036
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