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DATAssimilate Systems Inc. was established in the mid '90simage to provide OCR, imaging, coding, and document process software to the legal market.  

Thus was the beginnings of DATAssimilator- the creation of a single complete production software package that was a combination of all components: scanning, coding, OCR, document management and more.  With specialized tools and capabilities to simplify processes and overcome batching while providing real time functionality. Now, an extensive assortment of functions could be easily performed within one program and no longer would the production shop need to wait until one process was completed before they could begin the next.

DATAssimilate Systems Inc. also identified a need to build a product with more inherent intelligence providing the operators with a simple user interface. That way new users would become productive and profitable to the operation in a very short time period.

These goals were realized with the launch of DATAssimilator in 1999. Not only was the package robust enough for Service Bureau level production but it also was so easy to use that it made a perfect tool for use in law firms and corporate document departments. It provided more tools than those necessary for any document capture requirement. 

Today, DATAssimilate Systems Inc. continues to develop state-of-the-art software, the DataOntology Suite, designed to manage vast amounts of both electronic and paper documents.  The Suite incorporates multiple user interfaces, a  Secure Document Repositories for Remote Coding and Document Review, a Powerful Search Engine, Near Duplicate document identification and other essential tools to increase productivity and reduce the cost of litigation.

Our latest product release is PowerSearch a powerful search engine that is designed to provide corporate legal departments the ability to assess their data, case and situation at the very initial stages to determine whether to litigate or to settle.  Documents can be collected forensically at this early stage for subsequent use.  This is a search tool that will be a must for all corporations.

DATAssimilate Systems Inc. continues to be a leading developer of highly intelligent software tools for searching, management, processing and distribution of data for the legal and corporate vertical, providing capabilities and functionalities that are coveted by its competitors. 

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