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PowerSearch Software

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Super Powerful Search Technology         
DataOntology PowerSearch is a powerful Initial or Early Data Assessment search software designed for the in-house corporate legal departments as well as e-discovery technicians. This state-of-the-art search tool enables companies to search their voluminous email repositories and electronic document collections to quickly determine their position on any potential litigation.  Search results can be easily saved with a defensible audit trail for latter use and to illustrate that a reasonable effort was made to locate and collect relevant documents.

Cull Your Data Before You Collect It!

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  • State-of-the-art search engine
  • Leave your data where it is
  • Search millions of files in mere seconds
  • User friendly 
  • Massively reduces files to process and review
  • Significantly reduces potential litigation costs
  • Search repositories across networks
  • Easily handles large volumes of documents
  • Email repository and zip file extraction plug-ins
  • OCR capabilities plug-in for searching image only files
  • Create simple or complex searches including proximity searches
  • Documents from results can be saved with meta-data intact
  • Provides a defensible audit trail and Chain-of-custody
  • Relieves proportionality issues
Wortzman Nickle 2011 e-Discovery Predictions
The team at Wortzman Nickle released their E-Discovery Predictions for 2011. PowerSearch can make several of their predictions come true for you. Read more...

v1.1.6 Released
Performance updates, user interface improvements, OCR and many other featuers added to PowerSearch more...

PowerSearch Presented at Women In E-Discovery Luncheon
PowerSearch was presented by Girts Jansons at the Women In E-Discovery Luncheon. To see the presentation click here...

Upcoming PowerSearch Presentation at Women In E-Discovery Luncheon
PowerSearch will be shown at the Women In E-Discovery Luncheon. For more information click here...

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